Looking for the adrenaline-fueled experience of a lifetime? Look no further than bungee jumping in Africa, on bridges overlooking some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Feel the wind through your hair as you jump from these bridges into the wildlife-filled gorges below. An amazing adrenaline activity to consider for your safari adventure!

Where Can I Go Bungee Jumping in Africa?

There are two main locations for bungee jumping in southern Africa. The first is found on the Victoria Falls Bridge, crossing the magnificent waterfall that marks the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. This bungee is set in the most picturesque circumstances, against the spray of the ‘smoke that thunders’. The second is found on the Bloukrans Bridge, in the Western Cape of South Africa. This bungee is the highest commercial jump in the world.
Both offer a thrilling experience that we would recommend without skipping a beat!

Are There Any Special Requirements to Go Bungee Jumping?

Bungee jumping is a sport that most members of the family can enjoy. You only need to be at least 14 years old, and weigh between 40 – 130 kg (88.2 – 286.6 lb), to qualify for bungee jumping in most locations. Certain conditions such as pregnancy, heart conditions, high blood pressure, certain neurological disorders, epilepsy and back/shoulder injuries are, unfortunately, considered unsuitable for bungee jumping.

Our Top Picks for Bungee Jumping in Africa


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe/Zambia

– Victoria Falls Bridge –

If you’re looking for the ultimate thrill-seeker’s view, this is the place for you. Set on the bridge that connects Zambia and Zimbabwe, this bungee jump is set against the incredible backdrop of the Victoria Falls.

The bridge is built at a height of 111m above the Tatonka Gorge, located between border posts. You won’t need a passport stamp, but will need your passport to obtain a special gate pass that allows access to the bungee centre on the bridge.  Located close to the township of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls bungee jump is in an ideal position from which a multitude of other safari activities are within a close walking distance. For those who would prefer to observe, the bridge boasts an incredible view out over the Batonka Gorge! Please note that jumps take place all year in this location, unless in the case of heavy rainfall (sporadically from November to April).

Western Cape, South Africa

– Bloukrans Bridge –

South Africa is home to the tallest commercial bungee jump in the world, not to mention Africa. Here, a bungee jump experience is offered that cannot be found anywhere else in the world: a must for all thrill-seekers!

This is an incredible bungee opportunity, stating at a height of 216 m overlooking the Bloukrans River Valley. The bungee centre is accessed by walking through the world-famous ‘Walkway’ up Lion’s Head, a quasi-transparent access corridor that has you ‘walking on air’ above the river valley. Single, rather than tandem, jumps are offered on this bridge, with  pendulum bungee technology used to produce a smoother bungee experience. Many of our guests have reported this as one of the most thrilling experiences of their lifetime. For those who would prefer to observe, there is a small cafe nearby from which you can enjoy first-class views of the bridge.

What about Safety?

Both bungee centres we recommend operate with the appropriate licences of their respective countries, as well as in compliance with international licensing boards. Above and beyond what is required, they adhere to top safety standards, such as daily load-testing and periodic inspecting of the bungee cords. We ourselves here at Sikeleli have gone on these bungee jumps and loved the experience!
Interested in taking the plunge? Get in touch and we can start planning your safari adventure today!

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