Can I Skydive on Safari?

Yes! Skydiving on safari is a unique, thrill-seeking activity in which guests have the chance to jump from a plane over awe-inspiring African landscapes, and parachute down into the heart of these magnificent vistas. Certainly not your average safari experience! Buckle up for some amazing views and unforgettable thrills.

What is Skydiving Like?

Every skydive begins with a scenic flight over surrounding natural landmarks. During this time, a comprehensive safety talk and training session takes place in preparation for the jump. There are three distinct phases to the skydive itself:
1 – The free fall
2 – The descent with an open parachute
3 – The landing
The skydive itself usually lasts from 5 – 7 minutes, following deployment of your parachute. We generally recommend opting for tandem skydiving on safari, unless you have a licence to make independent jumps. This involves being connected via harness to the tandem guide, who then controls the release of the parachute and landing stage of the jump. The guide may even throw in a few spins and stalls at your request!

Our Top Picks for Skydiving in Africa


Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Situated in the heart of the world-famous Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay is a gorgeous green oasis. Skydiving here offers an incredible view over the bay and the dolphins that swim up to the coast! If weather and tide conditions are ideal, a landing may be requested at Central Beach.

Mossel Bay, South Africa

The home of the highest tandem skydive in Africa! Skydiving in Mossel Bay offers an eagle’s view over the Indian Ocean and Outeniqua mountains that fringe the beach. Landing can be arranged on Diaz beach itself on days with good weather and tide conditions: a truly magical experience.


Cape Town, South Africa

No trip to Cape Town is complete without a taste of the region’s world-famous thrill-seeking activities! Skydives have an incredible view over Table Top Mountain, not to mention the splendour of South Africa’s coast with the Indian Ocean. Check out this video for a fun preview of the experience!

Diani Beach, Kenya

Diana Beach is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa, featuring palm-fringed beaches and reef-protected warm sea waters. Following deployment of your parachute, float across what many guests have called a storybook setting, and finish with an afternoon on this incredible beach!

Swakopmund, Namibia

A skydive by this colonial city-by-the sea offers panoramic views over the famous dunes of the Namib. Guests are flown over the desert in specially equipped Cessna aircraft, with drop zones designed to provide a picturesque landing spot. A truly unique setting for any skydiving experience.

Are There Special Requirements for Skydiving on Safari?

Not as many you’d think! Simply a reasonable level of fitness, 18 years of age and a touch of courage. No previous experience required!

Handy Tip on the Jargon:

People sometimes use the terms ‘skydive’, ‘parachute jump’ and ‘jump’ interchangeably, which can be confusing. Skydives are, by definition, a kind of parachute jump, but have more time in which the jumper remains in free fall before deploying their parachute. Please note that skydiving is a vastly different experience to its cousin activity ‘swooping’, where more advanced manoeuvres are performed in the free fall stage and jumps are made at a lower altitude!

Ready to give this once in a lifetime opportunity a shot? Start planning your ultimate safari experience with us today.

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