A Step by Step Guide: Booking a Safari

Step 1: Check out your options

These can be explored in a number of ways. We would recommend first looking at some of our hand-picked destinations and camps, and then out some example itineraries to see what other groups have been doing.

Step 2: Get in touch

Get in touch by filling out the ‘Make an Inquiry’ form, sending us a message over social media or calling in to the office.

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Step 3: We evaluate your needs

When we receive a message, we formulate a number of questions to clarify on the desires of our client. We know just how exciting it is to start planning and booking a safari, and make every effort to get back to you in a prompt manner (usually within 24 hours).

Our response will seek to determine what kind of experience you are after. Questions range from wildlife and cultural interests to dietary requirements and group travel preferences

We also check to see if you are travelling with small children, elderly parents or as a member of a larger group. Some camps can be quite firm about the age limit of their clients, for safety reasons, making it important to know the ages of everyone in a group. We will also inquire as to your nationality (there are often special offers available to SADC residents in Southern African countries which we can access through our agency relations).

Step 4: We formulate and hone your itinerary

Once all the information has been gathered, Danni works with camp owners/operators of the safari camps to form the perfect itinerary. A bespoke, tailor-made safari is crafted, with a number of options that are presented to the client. This can range from mixing and matching desired destinations and camps to options for centring activities and travel around specialized wild experiences (e.g. gorilla-tracking in the Congo). Once feedback from the client has been receive, we check the availability of the properties on the itinerary to confirm the availability of nights in all choice camps and lodges.

Step 5: Confirmation and payment

As the final step, clients receive our Travel Service Purchase Agreement, either electronically or by mail (as according to your personal preference). Signing this document, along with a deposit of at least 30% of the total cost of the vacation, confirms the safari booking. This deposit must be paid no less than 90 days prior to the initial date of travel. Payments can be made by either secure international wire transfer or by credit card through our secure credit card processing partner Moneris (Moneris is the largest credit card processing company in Canada). Sikeleli Africa Safaris Limited accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

And you’re all set to go!

Only five simple steps, and you’ve learned how to book a safari vacation! We work closely with all of our clients, ensuring that your dream is transformed into reality with memories of an experience that will last a lifetime. Get in touch and we can take the next step today.

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Take a Look at Our Destinations!

  • Botswana

    Botswana is home to an enormous amount of game, roaming between the plains of the Kalahari and the waterways of the Okavango Delta. As one of Africa's most exciting safari destinations, it is world-renowned for its vast tracts of wilderness and conservation areas. This is not to mention the prolific numbers of wildlife and big cat predators!

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  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe is renowned for its diversity, in both wildlife and local culture. This has become one of the fundamental reasons for which guests return to the nation formerly known as Rhodesia. A safari in Zimbabwe is a venture into history, with a number of long-standing classical properties and activities across the country's national parks.

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  • Zambia

    A relatively untouched and new safari destination, Zambia is home to an appealing network of national parks, often less visited than their counterparts in Botswana, Tanzania or Kenya, and some much wilder. Zambia is dominated by a high, undulating plateau, cut into by the deep valleys of the Zambezi, Kafue, Luangwa and Luapula rivers, and surrounded by a number of truly wild national parks.

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  • Kenya

    Kenya is a country of great diversity and spectacular natural beauty. Bordering the Indian Ocean in the east, with its white sandy beaches to the majestic Rift Valley in the West, the country encompasses lush grasslands, riverine forests, mountain highlands and moorlands providing an incredible range of habitats for the variety of wildlife.

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  • South Africa

    Blessed with an array of landscapes and spectacular scenery, the nine provinces which make up South Africa hold several different attractions and as many reasons to visit. With diversity in culture, cities and safari, South Africa is a thriving cultural hub that holds a broad variety of experiences for visitors.

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  • Tanzania

    Tanzania is a vibrant and beautiful multi-cultural country. Home to a number of world-renowned safari destinations, it offers front-seat views of the annual Great Migration. It is here that one can also find some of the most stunning tropical beaches in Africa, not to mention game drive and Big Five animal tracking opportunities!

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  • Malawi

    One of Africa's smallest countries, Malawi features a number of remarkable natural features due to its, particularly over the Great Rift Valley. A lesser-travelled safari destination, wildlife parks here have a distinctly romantic feel, due to the large tracts of undisturbed wildlife and natural fauna.

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  • Namibia

    Namibia is one of Africa's most varied and unique places to travel. From the Namib Desert along the coast to the Kalahari in the East, there is a startling diversity of wildlife and many natural wonders to behold.

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  • Mozambique

    Offering unique marine life, expanses of white beaches and warm Indian Ocean waters, this is the perfect finale to a safari in South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe or Zambia. It is a privilege to experience the privacy that Mozambique offers, which can be enjoyed in some of the world’s most luxurious or rustic accommodations.

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