Sikeleli Africa Safaris Ltd. is a limited company registered in British Columbia. As a licensed travel agency, it is regulated by Consumer Protection BC, who act for and on the behalf of the Provincial Government of British Columbia, Canada.

Corporate Regulatory and Licensing Details

Corporate Registry #: BC1021378
National Business #: 824999395
Consumer Protection BC Travel Agency Licence #: 732208

Governing Body & Operating Names

Governed under the ‘Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act’ of British Columbia, Canada.

Sikeleli Africa Safaris Ltd. is the legal entity now doing business as “Sikeleli Africa Safaris”, “Sikeleli Safaris”, “Sikeleli Africa” and “Sikeleli”. These terms are used variously on this and other websites and in promotional literature and contractual documents. In all cases, the sole legal entity shall be deemed to be┬áSikeleli Africa Safaris Ltd.